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“New Power: The Gift of the Holy Spirit”

Of late, I’ve been thinking a lot about the ministry of the Holy Spirit. I’m a committed cessationist and for both theological and practical reasons, that is not going to change. But beyond the continual back-and-forth between cessationists and non-cessationists,… Continue Reading →

A Good Word for 2015

We had our New Year’s Eve service at GraceLife London last night and we played this message from Dr John MacArthur based on passages in 1 Peter. May the realities unpacked in this message give you direction in the year… Continue Reading →

My Five Favourite Non-Calvinist Preachers/Writers

One of my personal gripes with being Calvinist is that f0lks assume you only listen to other Calvinists. Now to a degree, that can’t be helped – a lot of preaching outside of reformed circles is, frankly, the highest grade of wack…. Continue Reading →

A Living Lesson in Why Biblical Manhood Matters

Facebook is a curious place. You can discover all kinds of comic fodder (like Captain Jean-Luc Picard singing ‘Let It Snow’…seriously, it’s awesome) or be introduced to amazing tools and resources (like Evernote and Pocket). You even get the odd… Continue Reading →

The Curse Motif of the Atonement

On my way to work this morning, as my Dad drove, I listened to Premier Radio, which is the Christian radio station here in the London and the South East of England. The topic was on the Cross and the… Continue Reading →

The Armour of the Adversary

I’m currently reading a modernised version of John Bunyan’s classic allegory The Holy War.  Apparently this particular version is out-of-print but the Tabernacle Bookshop presents another modern edition that could be helpful. One part of the book that struck me was when Diabolus… Continue Reading →

My Encounter of Two of “Jehovah’s Witnesses”

Usually on a Wednesday morning, I’d be at college doing my professional training but this morning, I had a delivery to wait for and so I couldn’t make it in for the morning. I’m in my room just reading the… Continue Reading →

Calvin on Open and Close-Handed Issues

“For not all the articles of true doctrine are of the same sort. Some are so necessary to know that they should be certain and unquestioned by all men as the proper principles of religion. Such are: God is one;… Continue Reading →

A Word to (Some) of My (Fellow) Internet Calvinists

I’ve wrestled with how to say what I’m about to say for close to a year and a half. If there is one group of people who generally fail at self-criticism, it would probably be Reformed folks. Even now, I’m… Continue Reading →

Top 10 Books That Have Influenced Me (6-10)

Cracking on with my list of 10 books that have influenced me… A Body of Divinity by Thomas Watson: I have spent more money in either buying this or replacing personal copies of this book than any other book. It’s… Continue Reading →

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