Four MORE of My Favourite Non-Calvinist Preachers/Writers

About three years ago, I wrote an article called My Five Favourite Non-Calvinist Preachers/Writers, naming five authors or speakers who weren’t reformed but I enjoy listening to regardless. I recently re-posted that article on Facebook and realized there are some more authors and speakers I wanted to share on the blog.

I sincerely believe there are great authors outside of my own Calvinistic world and it is a shame to close one’s self off from them just because they don’t believe in or profess TULIP. With that, here are four more authors I enjoy reading and listening to.

J. Oswald Sanders

J. Oswald Sanders (1902-1992) was the director of the then-China Inland Mission, today known as Overseas Missionary Fellowship, in the 1950s and 1960s. He has had an incalculable impact on me through a trilogy of books he authored: Spiritual Leadership, Spiritual Maturity and Spiritual Discipleship.

Rich with Biblical truth while warm and fatherly in tone, Sanders’ writings have done much to get me thinking about the nature of Christian commitment, discipleship and following Jesus. I commend them to anyone seeking to get beyond a “Sunday religion” into a constant, day-by-day paradigm for all of life.

David Legge

I’m still hazy on how I came to know of Pastor David Legge but I do remember how I got interested in his ministry. At the time, he was pastor of the Iron Hall Assembly (now Iron Hall Evangelical Church) in Belfast, Northern Ireland and before long, I found myself sending off for MP3 CDs of his Bible messages through varying books of the Bible as well as a number of insightful topics. I’m a little wary of his more recent material but his older, more expositional ministry is worth your time. 1

Mac Brunson

I’ve been a keen listener to the ministry of Pastor Mac Brunson since I heard him speak at H.B. CharlesCutting It Straight Conference a few years ago and he is a solid, straight-down-the-line expositor. Combining good Bible teaching with a very homespun and down-to-earth delivery, I make it a point to listen to his sermon series as he completes them. You can find his preaching at the First Baptist Church Jacksonville website.

Charles Swindoll

Long-time speaker of Insight for Living, pastor of Stonebriar Community Church and arguably one of the greatest sons of Dallas Theological Seminary, Dr. Charles R. Swindoll is probably one of the easiest preachers to listen to. I’ve often used the phrase deceptively simple to describe his teaching: he doesn’t say anything mind-blowing but he is amazing at just looking at the text and letting the point of the text speak to the life of the listener. I remember listening to a series he did in 1 John while in college and learning so much about John’s emphasis on the Christian life as fellowship with God. I’d encourage you to listen to the archive of Insight for Living, download the study guides and be open to the possibility of learning something you might not have considered.


As I conclude, I am sure I will elicit worried reactions for a post like this.

That happened with the first post I did and I accept full responsibility for it. I have grown increasingly aware of the reality that all the good folks aren’t Calvinists and that to cut one’s self off from other voices in the body of Christ is more of a schismatic attitude than a Christ-like attitude.

Even if I am convinced of the doctrines of grace and boldly proclaim them, that should never lead to a haughty, arrogant, self-aggrandizing, “Calvinists are better” spirit. So…give these guys a listen. You might just learn something!

  1. I personally recommend the series in Jude, 1 John and on the cults as a great sample of Pastor David’s expositional ministry.

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  1. I appreciate this post! Your original article is how I came across your blog as I am not Calvinist and sought different pastors/theologians to check out.

    Thanks, and God bless!!

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