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Review: High King of Heaven, ed. John MacArthur

As Christians, our faith can be summed up in one name: Jesus.

High King of Heaven: Theological and Practical Perspectives on the Person and Work of Jesus
High King of Heaven: Theological and Practical Perspectives on the Person and Work of Jesus

Without Christ, there is no Christianity. Without Christ, there is no Gospel. Without Christ, there is no hope of eternal salvation – and yet so many Christians have little beyond a surface understanding of who Jesus is and what He has done for us.

It is in that vein that a book like High King of Heaven is heartily welcome. Arising from messages given at the 2017 Shepherd’s Conference, held at Grace Community Church in southern California, the book is an accessible, well-researched and well-studied presentation of the person and work of Christ as well as issues related to seeing Christ in the Scriptures.

The presentation unfolds in four parts: (1) The Person of Christ, (2) The Work of Christ, (3) The Word of Christ and (4) The Witness to Christ. Part 1 features stellar contributions from Dr. Michael Reeves on The Eternal Word: God the Son in Eternity Past (chapter 1), Dr. Mark Jones on The Son’s Relationship to the Father (chapter 3) and Dr. Keith Essex on The Virgin Birth (chapter 4).

Part 2 includes a powerful treatment of the Kenosis from Prof. Mike Riccardi (chapter 9) – a chapter that I believe is the price of the book as a whole 1, Dr. Michael Barrett on The Atonement (chapter 10) as well as The Second Coming from Dr. Michael Vlach (chapter 13).

Part 3 deals with the relationship between Christ and the Scriptures, which bear witness to Him (John 5:39). I found myself especially intrigued by Dr. Brad Klassen’s chapter on Christ and the Completion of the Canon – a subject that usually has very little written about it (chapter 15) – and Dr. Abner Chou’s treatment of Seeing Christ in the Old Testament (chapter 16).

The final section deals with The Witness to Christ – the final chapter (Do You Love Me?: The Essential Response to the High King of Heaven by Dr. John MacArthur) especially works as a fitting conclusion, calling for love for Christ as the heart of our faith.

My only gripe with this volume is that it felt too brief at points – it could have gone on a little longer and I still wouldn’t have been able to put it down.

I heartily commend this book to anyone seeking to grow in their love for Christ, our High King of Heaven. Tolle lege!

  1. I would also commend the Shepherd’s Conference seminar this chapter is based on.

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      I do not believe in secondary separation – especially the “this person did X with Y person who is linked to Z” brand you are espousing. Christians are called to be people of truth – not surface ‘truth’ but deep, honest, painstaking truth. YouTube videos are not that.

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