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Day 1/365 – Gen 1, Matt 1, Ezr 1 and Acts 1

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Of Beginnings – Old and New

I’m beginning a new Bible reading plan this year – the first since 2014. In the spirit of finding a way to stay motivated, I’ll be writing a short reflection based on each day’s reading. It won’t be amazing material but I trust it’ll help me stay grounded. 

It’s highly fascinating that my walk through the Word in 2019 begins on January 1 with four beginnings: the beginning of human history in Genesis, the beginning of the Messiah in Matthew, the (new) beginning of Israel in Ezra after the exile and the beginnings of the church in Acts.

Why does God take such great pains to emphasize beginnings?

Might I suggest that God is concerned with beginnings because He is faithful? He goes to great details about how things begin so we can see His faithfulness in seeing them through to the end.

He creates – and in the end, that creation, though it will fall, is gloriously restored as the redeemed people of God live in His presence under His rule and blessing.

He calls out believers and grants them a glorious new beginning – one as His Church, His body, His bride.

He calls forth His people out of exile and in the end, that people will come out of the exile of sin and turn to the Messiah sent for them (Romans 11)

He sends His Son – in the most ordinary way possible, through human beings flawed and fallible – so that those who turn from their sins and trust in Him can have a new beginning.

A beginning crafted from the foundation of the world.

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  1. I’m really interested in reading this. However,I am not seeing how to find your next days comments.. Day 2 and 3.. How do I get to them

    1. Thanks for reading! I had some server issues so I am just about posting day 2. Each day’s post will be later on in the day since I do my Bible reading at night 🙂

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