Fiery Logic gets its name from the phrase by which Dr D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones described Biblical preaching – “logic on fire”.

My name’s Kofi, I’m originally from London but in 2017, I moved to Medford, OR to marry the love of my life, Laura (she’s also my editor so if you enjoy what you read, it’s all her!)

Kofi and Laura Adu-Boahen

I love to write. Think of Fiery Logic as my well-monitored Internet Moleskine – the posts are vaguely related but make a good amount of sense if you read with your brain. That’s the logic part taken care of.

But this isn’t just an academic exercise – so this will at times get a little…passionate, shall we say? This is fiery logic – the truth deserves a passionate declaration, not a whimper with all the passion of the guy at McD’s asking if I want just a meal or just the sandwich (or in some cases, less passion than that…)

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  1. Hello Kofie,

    As I cannot find an emailadres on your blog I send you this mail this way.

    Today you read my comments in the chatbox of G3 conference.
    Now I am banned.

    I now send you a copy of 2 mails I sent to G3 conference to give the proof of my replies
    in the chatbox.
    This proof is public and verifyable for all on this planet with an internetconnection.

    Kind regards,


    —–Original Message—–
    From: causafinitum@inbox.com
    Sent: Thu, 22 Jan 2015 18:49:34 -0800
    To: admin@g3conference.com
    Subject: RE: public proof remarks regarding Voddie Baucham/ Paul Washer/ Conrad Mbewe/
    Steve Lawson

    Paul Washer denies Romans 7v14-25 which according to Spurgeon is a sign of a very bad
    spiritual state.

    Romans 7v14-25 being the christians experience according to C.H.Spurgeon ((as did also all
    those mentioned in the free material (colored blue) in this letter))

    Spurgeon was very clear that Romans 7v14-25 described Paul as a converted man and
    described his own christian experience as a christian minister.

    A. Spurgeon made the following statements:

    “O wretched man that I am I who shall deliver me from the body of this death?
    I thank God, through Jesus Christ our Lord.” — Romans 7:24,25.

    ‘Some have affirmed that he is merely declaring what he was
    before conversion, and not what he was when he became the recipient of
    the grace of God. But such persons are evidently mistaken, and I believe
    wilfully mistaken; for any ample-hearted, candid mind, reading through this
    chapter, could not fall into such an error. It is Paul the apostle, who was
    not less than the very greatest of the apostles — it is Paul, the mighty
    servant of God, a very prince in Israel, one of the King’s mighty men — it
    is Paul, the saint and the apostle, who here exclaims, “O wretched man that
    I am!”

    ‘Well,” says one, “I don’t find it so.” Then I am afraid of you. If you do not
    hate sin so much that you do everything to drive it out, I am afraid you are not
    a living child of God. It is not my being corrupt that proves me a Christian,
    nor knowing I am corrupt, but that I hate my corruption. It is my agonizing
    death struggle with my corruptions that proves me to be a living child of God.
    These two natures will never cease to struggle so long as we are in this world.
    Stop a moment. Let us complete the picture. This man
    is fainting; but he will be restored by-and-bye. Think not that he is
    hopelessly defeated, he falls to rise, he faints but to be revived afresh. I
    know a magic, which can awaken his sleeping hopes and shoot a thrill
    along the freezing current of his blood. Let us sound the promise in his ear,
    see how soon he revives. Let us put the cordial to his lips; see how he
    starts up and plays the man again. “I have been almost defeated” says he,
    “almost driven to despair. Rejoice not over me, O mine enemy; though I
    fall, yet shall I rise again.” And he lets fly against him once more, shouting,
    “I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord.” So on he goes again, more
    than a conqueror, through him that has loved him.’

    ‘There are some here who say, “I am never disturbed in that fashion.”
    Then I am sorry for you. I will tell you the reason of your false peace.
    You have not the grace of God in your hearts. If you had you would surely
    find this conflict within you. Do not despise the Christian because he is in
    the conflict, despise yourself because you are out of it. The reason why
    the devil lets you alone is, that he knows
    you are his. He does not need to trouble you much now; he will have time
    enough to give you your wages as the last. He troubles the Christian
    because he is afraid of losing him; he thinks that if he does not tease him
    here, he shall never have the chance to do it in eternity, so he will bite him,
    and bark at him while he may. That is why the Christian is vexed more then
    you are. As for you, you may well be without any pain, for dead men feel
    no blows. You may well be without prickings of conscience; for men that
    are corrupt are not likely to feel wounds, though you stab them from head
    to foot. I pity your condition, for the worm that dieth not is preparing to
    feed upon you; the eternal vulture of remorse shall soon wet his horrid
    148 beak with the blood of your soul.’

    “I delight in the law of God after the inward man: but I see another
    law in my members, warring against the law of my mind, and
    bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my
    members.” — Romans 7:22, 23.

    ‘The passage before us tells a portion of the experience of the Apostle Paul.
    We all of us concede that he was a most eminent saint. Indeed, we place
    him in the front rank. For this reason his experience is the more valuable to
    us. If thy greatest saints have their inward struggles, how much more
    should we expect to have them who have not attained the same degree of
    grace the apostle did. If he who was not a whit behind very chief of the
    apostles yet had to say, “When I would do good evil is present with me,”
    then you and I, who can only take the position of babes in grace, or of
    ordinary disciples of Jesus Christ, must not be surprised if we have to bear
    assaults that surprise us and enter into struggles that distress us, and often
    are fain by stress of emotion to cry out, “O wretched man that I am, who
    shall deliver me from the body of this death?”

    ‘You read Martin Luther. That great bold man
    became a master of theology, by being taught in the school of temptation.
    Even his last hours were full of stern conflict. He was a man of war from
    his youth up. How constantly did he have to contend against himself. We
    get the same testimony from this chapter of the life of Paul.’

    B. Paul Washer and Heartcry.nl have for some years now promoted a book by Charles Leiter
    ‘Justification & Regeneration’ (with a recommendation by Paul Washer) in which Romans
    7v14-25 is represented as NOT being the Christians experience, most probably Paul in his
    unconverted state.

    That this is the true position of Charles Leiter is confirmed by his messages on Romans 7
    at Sermonaudio.com in which he clearly denies Romans 7v14-25 being the Christians


    The position that Romans 7v14-25 is NOT the christians position has been recommended by
    Paul Washer for some years now through his recommendation of the views of Charles Leiter
    on Romans 7 in this book.

    Conclusion from 1 A and 1 B: Spurgeon called Romans 7v14-25 the Christians experience and
    said very clearly that one who does not recognize this experience in himself is:
    – ‘evidently mistaken, and I believe willfully mistaken; for any ample-hearted, candid
    mind, reading through this chapter, could not fall into such an error. ‘
    – ‘I am afraid you are not a living child of God.
    – ‘ I will tell you the reason of your false peace. You have not the grace of God in your

    But Charles Leiter, Paul Washer and Heartcry.nl have promoted by the sale of Leiters book
    for years now the position that Romans 7v14-25 is NOT the Christians experience but of
    Paul in his unconverted state.
    Ergo Spurgeon would diagnose them as…….

    – ‘evidently mistaken, and I believe willfully mistaken; for any ample-hearted, candid
    mind, reading through this chapter, could not fall into such an error. ‘
    – ‘I am afraid you are not a living child of God.
    – ‘ I will tell you the reason of your false peace. You have not the grace of God in your

    Also Conrad Mbewe for years now presents himself with Paul Washer as brothers and now with
    Heartcry.nl as brothers although he was able to know the position of Spurgeon on Romans
    7v14-25 compared to that of Charles Leiter (recommended by Paul Washer). Recognizing this
    position as contrary to his own inward struggle described by C.H. Spurgeon in his sermons
    on Romans 7v22-24.

    Question to you on point 1: Paul Washer by recommending the book by Charles Leiters has
    concurred with his views on Romans 7v14-25, thereby showing you belong to those of which
    Spurgeon would say:
    – ‘evidently mistaken, and I believe willfully mistaken; for any ample-hearted, candid
    mind, reading through this chapter, could not fall into such an error. ‘
    – ‘I am afraid you are not a living child of God.
    – ‘ I will tell you the reason of your false peace. You have not the grace of God in your
    Whereby in practice you deny the christian experience C.H. Spurgeon talked about in his
    sermons on Romans 7 just as Paul Washer and Heartcry.nl do by recommending the book of
    Charles Leiter (including his contrary views on Romans 7).
    Can you point out to me where my reasoning is incorrect ?

    (it can easily be proven that the position Charles Leiter in his book takes (recommended
    by Paul Washer and commended by Heartcry.nl) is a 0.001% minority position as all well
    known protestant Christian teachers (like Augustine, Luther, Calvin, Knox, the English
    puritans, the Scottish covenanters, Edwards, Bunyan, Spurgeon, Pink and the well known
    commentaries like Henry, Gill, Barnes, Poole, Westminster) all confirmed Romans 7v14-25
    being the christians experience.)

    > —–Original Message—–
    > From: causafinitum@inbox.com
    > Sent: Thu, 22 Jan 2015 18:42:54 -0800
    > To: admin@g3conference.com
    > Subject: public proof remarks regarding Voddie Baucham/ Paul Washer/
    > Conrad Mbewe/ Steve Lawson
    > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbBBezxalXU
    > Voddie Baucham
    > http://www.jaxpastorsconference.com/conference/schedule
    > http://ephesians511blog.net/2014/08/18/roman-catholic-bishop-does-opening-prayer
    > Paul Washer/ Conrad Mbewe/ Steve Lawson
    > Steve Lawson and Conrad Mbewe, both regular speakers in the USA
    > conference circuit, join a friend of the Vatican
    > on main stage in Brazil to train thousands of brazilian churchleaders.
    > Paul Washer and Anthony Mathenia
    > also have partnered with this Brazilian contact.
    > Links which prove Prof Dr Schirrmacher a close friend of Rome
    > http://www.thomasschirrmacher.net/tag/vatican/
    > http://www.thomasschirrmacher.net/tag/global-christian-forum/
    > https://www.pcusa.org/news/2012/2/9/ecumenical-group-affirms-relationship-rome/
    > Link which proves Prof Dr Schirrmacher intellectual leader Martin Bucer
    > Institutes worldwide
    > including Brazil.
    > http://www.bucer.de/das-seminar/mitarbeiter/leitung.html
    > http://www.bucer.de/das-seminar/studienzentren.html
    > Links which prove the connection of the Martin Bucer Institute in Brazil
    > with leading evangelicals
    > http://www.heartcrymissionary.com/brazil
    > http://fielministries.com/our-partners/9-marks/
    > http://fielministries.com/our-partners/desiring-god/
    > http://fielministries.com/our-partners/grace-to-you/
    > http://fielministries.com/our-partners/heart-cry/
    > http://fielministries.com/our-partners/ligonier-ministries/
    > http://fielministries.com/our-partners/puritan-reformed-theological-seminary/
    > http://fielministries.com/our-partners/the-gospel-coalition/
    > Links which prove Steve Lawson and Conrad Mbewe speakers at Strange Fire
    > Conference
    > of Dr John MacArthur and Fiel Ministries in which the director of Martin
    > Bucer Brazil plays
    > an important role when it comes to leadership training.
    > http://www.gty.org/resources/sermon-series/325/Strange-Fire-Conference
    > http://www.ministeriofiel.com.br/pastores/2015/
    > Another question would be if you would publicly present yourself as
    > teacher knowing full well that your connection is fully backed by Prof Dr
    > Schirrmacher of Martin Bucer Seminary ?
    > http://www.thomasschirrmacher.net/tag/pope/
    > This because Conrad Mbewe, Steve Lawson, Paul Washer, Dr Joel Beeke, John
    > Piper, Mark Dever and Dr. John MacArthur indirectly are connecting to
    > Martin Bucer Seminary in Brazil through Fiel Ministries and
    > leadershipconferences.
    > http://www.ministeriofiel.com.br/pastores/2015/
    > http://www.heartcrymissionary.com/brazil
    > http://fielministries.com/our-partners/grace-to-you/
    > As you well know Spurgeon and Bunyan called the pope of Rome THE
    > antichrist.
    > Prof Dr Schirrmacher is regular friend of the pope and the magisterium as
    > their brother in the faith, and now publicly well known American
    > preachers are connecting to the Martin Bucer Seminary of Prof Dr
    > Schirrmacher.
    > waldens

    1. Lest I be accused of some wild cover-up of the ‘facts’, I’ve allowed your conspiracy theory-style rant as a comment. It speaks volumes as to whether you should be taken seriously.

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